This was my first ever solo performance in fall 2021. I performed during all four lunch shifts at Colgan High School in the Amphitheater, accounting for a total of 80 minutes.

These are all from my early childhood years, when I first began showing interest in learning instruments. The photo on the left is one of my very first piano lessons with my mom, who taught me nearly everything I know on the instrument.


This was a performance I did during spring of 2022 at one of Colgan Music Tech's annual festivals. Some friends and I wrote four songs detailing a murder mystery. This song was mine, playing the victim character named Orchid. I collaborated with a few friends from orchestra to play the string parts I wrote for the song. There is a slight delay in the beginning with the audio.

Here are the other songs I played at FinFest 2k22. This was the biggest performance I had played so far and I was really nervous, but I pushed through. I played three original songs: Waiting For You, Pincushion, and Don't Go.